Multiple construction projects in parallel

Delivering a quality project to your client on time and within budget, while also turning a profit for your stakeholders, is by no means an easy feat. With this construction scheduling and management app, you can sail through each stage of a construction project, without a hassle. And the best part, this construction management software is 100% customisable!

Construction management software for your operations, in real-time.

Maintain all important documents in this app, instead of having them scattered over different employees’ hard drives. With project tags, categories, and meta data to mark the documents, make it easy to organize, locate, and retrieve for future use.

Sending and receiving RFIs on time helps a project run smoothly. With this app, your team can easily raise RFIs and email responses, and trigger overdue reminder emails to all parties involved — in just a few clicks.

Assign tasks, set priority levels and deadlines, and automatically notify employees about those that are upcoming or pending. Sort tasks by status (completed, in progress, and critical), and stay up to date with individual job progress by project.

Managing your punch list can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right process in place. Use the mobile version of this construction management software to create and assign items from the punch list to your workers, directly on site. Monitor the progress of the punch list items by their status (overdue, open, or completed), and get them quickly resolved.

Know the moment your subcontractors raise new materials requests, and fulfill them as soon as possible. Record purchase orders, upload invoices, and keep your eye on the bottom line, with a unified, cloud-based construction management application.

With a portfolio-level dashboard, you get an overview of all your projects. Quickly view the status of project KPIs like punch list, tasks done, RFIs, and material requests. Powerful built-in visualizations ensure key project insights are brought right to your finger-tips!

More than just software. It’s a digitization platform.

  • Work from anywhere, at any time.Every application you build on Zoho Creator is available on any device or platform. Using the mobile app, your team can update a job’s status, request new materials, upload job site photos, and make purchases in the field.
  • Integrate easily with existing systems.Connect your construction management app with the existing software systems in your organization. Integrate with your existing accounting system, like Quickbooks or Xero, to automatically reconcile your expenses with your bank accounts, send invoices, and streamline your payroll process.
  • Customize apps to fit your needs.With Zoho Creator’s drag-and-drop workflow builder, adding new features or tweaking existing workflows is effortless. For example, you can add the timesheet modules to this app and maintain a time log across multiple projects, in one place.

Install, customize, and make this construction software yours