Onboarding Process


Happy and complete on-boarding processes create happy and productive employees. Every organization is different and so are their on-boarding processes. But the one, common thing is that it involves dozens of methodical tasks.Zoho People can be the solution to create easy yet effective On-boarding processes.

The process of on-boarding starts right from sending offer-letters, getting them signed,updating new joinee information, welcoming new joinees, allocating places, providing work machines, hosting induction and other training sessions and so on.The pictorial representation below helps to have a clear understanding of the general process of Onboarding with Zoho People at use.

These are the various modules of Zoho People that are involved in on-boarding processes in general.

Forms – Forms like Offer letter form, Employee form, Training form, Goals form etc make the very basis of important on-boarding processes.

Email Alerts– Email alerts carrying welcome messages can be triggered for a warm start.

Task List– A complete list of Tasks to be completed, on the onset of a new employee’s joining can be triggered.

Templates – With the use of Record templates and Mail Merge templates, tailor made letters with dynamic fields, like offer letter can be generated.

Goals- Goals provide clarity and set the path and pace in which the employee is expected to work.