Increase your impact with strategic employee onboarding

Onboard candidates and employees more strategically with Zoho People. Set up a portal for new hires, trigger HR onboarding workflows, generate reports, and customize flows to your needs.


Pre-onboard with our new hire portal

Give new employees more responsibility by inviting or adding them to a new hire portal via their personal email addresses. Get them started with paperwork like company policies, tax forms, and more before they even step in the office.

new hire portal

Induct your employees with ease

Zoho People helps you effortlessly get new employees up to speed. Describe objectives, cover procedures, introduce the team, and more the moment your candidate is converted to an employee.

induct employees with ease

Draft workflows and customize processes

Use workflows to create and assign checklists so you don’t leave out tasks like generating official email addresses, assigning seating locations, distributing employee equipment, and more. Personalize the process to fit your organizational needs.

draft workflows

Get updates on task completion

Use filters to look into a new hire’s files and track each step’s completion status, as well as to see if they’ve rejected or accepted an offer.

updates on task completion

Start designing your strategic HR onboarding