Managing Projects with Your CRM

Project management is a science unto itself. Done right, your team is unified in purpose and efficient in execution Management has insight into progress and can run reports and bill clients for work done. The right project management system is a powerful tool and every organization benefits when implemented correctly.

Some projects revolve around internal work. Software development, building things, even implementing your CRM can all be considered internal projects. Other projects are external facing; members of your team work together to accomplish a project for a client.

This chapter covers the principles of project management, starting with how and where you set it up for your organization. Connecting your projects to your Zoho CRM enables better tracking and accountability on both sides of the project, helping with communication and improving the customer experience.

Setting Up a Project

As with CRM, project management can have a far-reaching influence in your organization, so you want to think about how you set it up before you start using it.

Managing projects: A case for Zoho Projects

When many people work together on a project, the complexities of managing who should do what and when can be daunting. Even when one person works solo on a project, software aids in putting all the moving parts into easy-to manage compartments.

Each project has a start and end date, representing when planning begins and when the wrapping up is complete. Between those dates, tasks should be done and milestones represent significant accomplishments.

A commonly used chart in project management software is the Gantt chart. It’s a visual representation of the project, with tasks and milestones shown as component parts to that project. Dependent tasks – a task that can’t start until a previous task is completed are depicted with arrows connecting them. It’s a good management tool for tracking progress within your project.