Evolve your sales processes so that your sales team follow the same process: Zoho Blueprint


Operate more efficiently and profitably

Efficient document and data management will optimize administrative and operational efficiency, with this simple initiative reducing costs without compromising results.

Using technology to generate competitive advantage technology is no longer an asset to have, it is now a critical enabler of operational efficiency and necessary for gaining a competitive advantage.

OceanData offers a suite of services to help assess your current infrastructure and processes, and then design and deploy the optimal solution for your organization.

Benefits of deploying a blueprint

Improve profitability

  • Faster and more efficient document processing workflow
  • Eliminate errors
  • Improved worker productivity

Simplify your life

  • Streamlined and accelerated processes
  • Eliminate as much as possible the use of manual paper processes that are more prone to errors
  • Greater consistency and flexibility in the workflow for your staff
  • Better record keeping and preparation of audits

Optimize processes

  • Speed up the execution of processes
  • Improved business intelligence with dashboards
  • Improve document search and retrieval

Is your sales team growing?

You must make sure that the sales process you have designed can grow with you.
Zoho CRM’s Blueprint helps to ensure that all members of your sales team are following the correct process.

What does it mean to turn my processes into a Zoho Blueprint?

An Overview of Zoho Blueprint

From the moment you capture a lead in your CRM system to deal close and beyond, your organization may have multiple sales processes in place.

The Zoho CRM Blueprint is simply an online replica of a business process.

  • It captures every detail of your entire offline process in the software.
  • It makes it easy to automate, validate, and collaborating with teams, making your process more efficient and free of flaws.

Understand the building blocks of your processes

Understanding building blocks

A master plan in Zoho CRM is designed to help you execute a business process in a well-defined and systematic way.

A Zoho Blueprint is designed by creating a sequential order of these steps in a process. In CRM jargon, the main building blocks of a master plan are states and transitions.

A transition is a link between two states in a process. It prescribes the conditions required for a case to move from one state to another. For example, the conditions and actions required for a record to go from qualifying to trading are prescribed in the “Transition” block called “Negotiate”.

Designing your Zoho Blueprint

Building a process is largely a 3-step process.

1- Enter the basic information:

Specify the module, layout and field for which the process should be created.

2- Define the process flow:

In the blueprint editor, set the process flow directly from the start state or the default state (as appropriate) to the exit state.

3- Configure the transition parameters:

Configure the parameters for the transition before, during and after between different states in the process as needed.

Executing a Zoho Blueprint Plan

In order to start the process, you need to know which records are waiting for you to perform your part of the actions in the whole process.

  • Invite users to send messages and take notes
  • Remove checklist items
  • If you have configured mandatory fields from the module
  • Association of related elements
  • Partial recording of a transition
  • Attach documents

Run Blueprint on the mobile CRM application

Run a Blueprint on the CRM mobile app
A Blueprint that you have configured in your Zoho CRM web account can be run on the mobile app. Suppose you are on a field visit to meet with a client regarding a deal, and the deal has moved from qualification to negotiation. You can update the scene directly on the app.

Blueprint is available in Zoho CRM for Android from (v3.2.16).
Blueprint is available in Zoho CRM for iOS from (v3.2.9).