A simple yet comprehensive HR system that takes care of all your HR processes.

Crafted to customize a happier workforce.

Everyone deserves to feel at his best at work.

Zoho People platform, you can provide a consumer-like service experience to your team, bringing HR service delivery to a central place.

Automate and simplify your HR operations with our easy-to-use and customizable HR software.

Zoho People is an online Human Resource Management System designed to manage and access all your employee data from a centralized location.

To get started, all you need is a device with an internet connection and a Zoho account.

With its wide spectrum of modules, Zoho People is an apt fit for companies of various sizes.

  • Here is a list of modules and features that are offered by Zoho People.
    • Employee self-service
    • Leave management
    • Timesheets
    • Attendance management
    • Intuitive Form builder
    • Performance appraisal management
    • HR Process automation
    • In-built HR forms
    • Data view and Reports integration
    • Mobile App


Expanding your business and growing your revenue are your ultimate goals.
Zoho People will grow along with your business, providing services to your increasing workforce and managing the volume of data seamlessly.

It's time to make data moves with integration

You benefit from our expertise Zoho People and Zoho One.

If your organization runs on different systems, you don’t need to shift through multiple apps for simple information. You can integrate all your data with your Zoho People account so data doesn’t get siloed.

Customize your HR tasks

Workflows that work the way you do

Every organization has unique needs, and HR is no different. The custom functions available in Zoho People mean our software can be tailor-made to fit your business.

Less to remember, less to forget.

Mark your calendar and let it keep track of important events. You can automate birthday greetings or work anniversary wishes, and set event reminders to come to you by email.

Set the scheduler and it does the rest

Use schedulers to send periodic emails and reports. Zoho People lets you create report, emails, and custom schedulers so that you can be sure you’ve sent the right info to the right people, right on time.

Simplify HR processes.

Champion your workforce.

Don’t just make workflows, make work flow.

Automation helps you configure alerts for improved workflow, create checklists to track tasks, schedule reminders for key events, set multi-level approvals and integrate with third-party APIs.

By automating most of your everyday HR activities, you can eliminate redundancy, increase accuracy, and ensure your data is always timely and complete.


Blueprint is a systematic flow chart of your HR processes

It captures every stage of any HR process that you follow offline. As an HR professional, you will inevitably end up working with a lot of complex processes.

From onboarding to offboarding, each HR process will have multiple stages. A clearly defined Blueprint streamlines the whole process, so you and your employees do not miss any important steps in the process.

The advantages of implementing a Blueprint:
1- Lets you clearly define every stage of a process for your employees to follow.
2- Cuts the monotony of setting up processes every single time you need to run them.
3- Guides your employees on what to do next, and what actions should be completed
4- Increases accuracy in form data. For instance, an employee cannot just fill in any value in a form, when Blueprint is in action. It ensures that your employees fill form fields with the right information.
5- Automates all of your processes with less manual interaction and fewer errors.


Workflow automation tool, eliminating most of the manual administrative work

You can preset and customize the workflow process and full access control to the administrative processes will be given.
Workflow in Zoho People consists of a set of Trigger Process such as Create, Edit, Create or Edit, Field Update, Approve, Reject, Delete and Date Based Action.
A rule is executed based on a Trigger Process and Criteria, thereby the Workflow gets triggered by the automated process of sending Mail Alerts, Checklist and Webhook list.

Benefits of Workflow
1- Criteria - It helps to define the Workflow.
2- Trigger Process - It helps to trigger the Workflow based on the Criteria and Execute based on Action such as Create, Edit, Create or Edit, Field Update, Approve, Reject, Delete and Execute based on Date.
3- Date Based Action - Reminders now are replaced with this feature.
4- Time-Based Action - It helps to execute the Workflow when given a specific execution time.


Maintain a record of activities to be completed

Creating Tasks and assigning them to respective owners helps have a track of the job done by individuals and also helps to maintain a record of activities to be completed.

Tasks can be of three types.
1. Individual Tasks - which can be added by the admin or by Reporting Manager for his/her subordinates or by the user for self. There are already permissions set by default, for tasks to be added to Subordinates and for self.
2. Tasks added directly from the respective Forms - These tasks are added in the form itself for a record.
3. Workflow driven Tasks - These tasks are associated with a checklist which is in turn mapped to a workflow. A workflow is configured and as a result of an action, a checklist is triggered with the tasks that you create.


New joinee onboarding process

Automation for onboarding process
Workflow process
To know about the complete automation procedure of the new joinee onboarding process.
When a new employee joins an organization, the basic things that an HR must do is to create login access for the employee(s), provide ID card, allocate a place, provide work computer, phone, configure a system, enroll employees in the benefit plans, etc. Given below is the step by step procedure to achieve this using workflows.

Custom Functions lets you create user-defined functions

Custom Functions lets you create user-defined functions that can be reused anywhere in Zoho People.
You can maintain and edit custom functions and the script will be in one central location. These functions are mainly created to manipulate data, connect with a third party and internal applications and update responses in Zoho People.

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks

It is a simple event notification via HTTP post. It will notify a URL by Posting a message when certain events happen.
To be clearer, it communicates with the third party applications by sending instant notifications every time when a user performs an action in the Zoho People organizational account data. Webhooks are so useful, flexible and totally customizable.

Benefits of Webhooks
1- Flexible and Customizable
2- Sends instant notifications to third party applications
3- Users can integrate with their own custom applications or any third party applications
4- Real-time data synchronization
5- Webhook list, failure, and successful webhooks are provided

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