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Zoho FSM is a cloud application that offers a global solution to manage the entire lifecycle of processes involved in managing and executing services in the field.

This eliminates the burden of paper and any data entry to a software that are tedious manual tasks that generally prevent field service activities.

By providing a unified platform that allows users to move through different processes in the field, Zoho FSM for Fied Services Management helps users perform their tasks efficiently.

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Why Oceandata team accompany you to integrate Zoho FSM and Zoho One

Leverage and scalability

Wouldn’t it be great if one day, when you decide it’s time, you can sell your business and earn the biggest paycheck of your life? The only way to do this is to create value for your business and this can only happen with a system that can continue to function without you.


Consistency is one of the keys to delivering a great customer experience. You might not like the food at McDonald’s, one thing you can say about the restaurant is that wherever you go they deliver a consistent experience.


When you and your staff don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel, it improves your efficiency and lowers your labor costs.

Zoho FSM for Field Service Management, the multiple benefits are fully adapt to the capabilities your operations needs on the field, mentioning a few below:

Work Order Management

Powerful Work Order Management To Improve Your Customer Experience

Create, approve, qualify, dispatch, or close work orders and manage SLAs using Zuper field service management solution to deliver service to your customer.

No matter how skilled your technicians are, a convoluted work order process limits your ability to scale and serve customers optimally. That’s why Zuper simplifies work order management with no code automation, checklists and workflows that are customized to suit your field service operations.

Smart Scheduling

Increase availability and Serve more Customers with Smart Scheduling

Zuper’s Smart Scheduling eliminates the need for outdated spreadsheet schedules that can result in missed appointment times and enables an easy-to use tool that allows you to spot open time slots and fill them with customers in seconds.

Intelligent Dispatching

Maximize Your Schedules And Route Optimization With AI-Powered Intelligent Dispatching

Zuper makes automating and optimizing your dispatching jobs and route management easy and effective. The Zuper Intelligent Dispatching solution enables you to automate technician job assignments based on real-time location, availability, and skill set.

Location Intelligence

Real-Time GPS And Location Data Reduces Downtime And Increases Productivity

Zuper’s GPS tracking and Location Intelligence solution enables your team to decrease route errors and increase transparency. Instead of guessing where your technicians are based on scheduled appointments, you can see where they are in real-time to better communicate route status with customers.

Timesheets Management

Easily Track And Monitor Your Field Service Team’s Timesheets, Locations, And Work Orders Automatically

With Zuper, technicians don’t waste time tediously completing and submitting timesheets. Instead, Zuper aims to expedite the timekeeping process so that your technicians spend more time providing service to customers and less time on administrative tasks.

Mobile Applications

Enable Technicians On Site With Access To Job And Customer Details Via The Mobile App

An effective mobile application provides your technicians with the tools they need at the job site. While many apps offer limited functionality, Zuper’s industry-leading mobile app allows your technicians to handle every aspect of their job, from scheduling and timesheets to updating job records and customer communication, right from their mobile phone.

Asset Management

Manage Assets And Keep Track Of Their Maintenance Records

Whether you are keeping track of company or customer-owned physical assets and equipment, having a strong asset management solution is critical to success. With Zuper, it’s easy to track warranties, maintenance, depreciation, purchase orders, and inspection history and avoid stockouts with full visibility across the entire life cycle of maintenance, asset management, and operations history.

Inventory Management

Accurately Track Inventory And Materials With Dynamic Inventory Management

Gain more control over your field operations materials, supplies and product stock with a comprehensive inventory management solution. Get a comprehensive overview of your inventory from anywhere using any device by syncing mobile stock with the warehouse. Sync warehouse and mobile stock with price book to minimize errors and ensure accurate stock counts.

Industry Leading Integrations

Connect Your Workflows Through Industry-Leading Integrations

Zuper integrates with over 60 leading CRM, service and ticketing, communications, collaboration, survey, ERP, accounting, and payment software as well as other business solution apps. Through our premier integrations, you can create robust workflows that create a streamlined process from end-to-end so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience across your entire service operation.

Reporting and Analytics

Advanced Reporting And Analytics To Drive Growth, Operational Efficiencies And Improved Customer Experience

Make data-driven decisions with best-in-class reports that are pre-designed or easily customizable for all field management workflows including work orders, accounting processes, employee timesheets, asset management, inventory and more. Design your dashboard with KPIs most valuable to you so you never have to waste time searching for the data you need.

Estimates Management

Easily Create Job Estimates In Minutes And Convert Them Into Jobs With Just One Click

Zuper knows an estimate is often the first customer touch point, so when it comes time to provide a quote to a new customer, you want to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Zuper, your technicians can quickly create, send, and convert custom, hassle-free estimates for a optimal customer experience.

Contract Management

Better Manage Service Contracts, Assets And Planned, Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Fuel your future business growth with service level agreements and preventative maintenance contracts. Establish consistent revenue by signing a variety of contracts to cover service and equipment.

Digital Payments

Accept One-Time And Recurring Payments Digitally From Anywhere

Most customers no longer carry cash or checks but prefer to pay digitally. Businesses that want to grow must accept digital payments to improve their overall customer experience and get paid faster.