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Sales force automation for improved team productivity

Productivity. Learn how sales force automation in Zoho CRM can help your team improve productivity by minimizing the time spent on repetitive non-revenue generating tasks and allowing more time for closing deals.

Sales Activities Simplified for Follow-Up

Sales Force Automation.

Manage your sales pipeline more effectively by using the various modules and benefits of using Zoho CRM.

Optimize follow-up to close more sales.

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ZOHO CRM Plus is the ultimate all-in-one tool you need to grow your business! Whether it’s automating your sales force, automating marketing, social media marketing, analyzing your website performance and Zoho Desk customer support , ZOHO CRM Plus gives you a single platform to organize and track nearly all functions critical to marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

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Adopting your Zoho CRM mechanisms

The engine of a successful digital transformation is the talents of your company.

Therefore, the development of a learning culture must go hand in hand with technological change.

Zoho CRM Feathures for you Productivity

Customer lifecycle management

Manage the lifecycle of customers from lead gen to nurturing and conversion. Then track sales opportunities and customer interactions, in one place.

  • Get real-time notifications for every interaction on every channel

  • Identify the right time to contact your customers for the best engagement

  • Monitor deals across your pipelines and focus on the ones you have the highest chance of closing

  • Manage important accounts from a centralized location that brings every interaction, project, and deal together for a 360-degree view of your customer

Sales activity management

Create and track a wide range of sales activities from Zoho CRM to draw valuable sales opportunities into your pipeline and turn them into recurring revenue.

  • Sales reps can create, track, and manage a wide range of sales activities for their leads, deals, and accounts

  • Use granular filters to identify records that have not been touched for a specific period

  • Sync commonly used calendar apps with Zoho CRM to consolidate all activities in your sales environment

  • Reduce manual work with macros and workflows that automatically create events or
    update records

  • Get reminders for upcoming activities in your inbox, as a pop-up, or in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Guided selling

Help your sales team make a great pitch every time by defining a sales process supported by contextual AI insights.

  • Scale standardized sales processes across your organization so sales teams can give
    more attention to every prospect and deal

  • Define activities to be completed at every step of the process as well as the SLAs that your reps need to meet

  • Craft a unique customer journey that transcends departmental silos to deliver one cohesive experience with personalized engagements at every touchpoint

  • An AI-powered recommendation engine helps your sales team pitch the best product or
    bundle to the right customer

Sales pipeline and forecast management

Keep track of your sales opportunities, build meaningful forecasts, and set ambitious goals for your sales team to aim for.

  • Manage complex multi-stage or multi-product sales cycles with ease

  • Build custom pipelines to accommodate unique sales cycles based on product, geography, or other criteria

  • Build realistic forecasts and break them down into meaningful targets for your sales team

  • Total the deals from all your pipelines to get a realistic overall picture of your quarterly sales

Configuration Picing Quoting

Accelerate sales with predefined pricing, bundles, and discounts and
streamlined approval processes.

  • Offer predefined product bundles as part of your portfolio of solutions

  • Define conditional pricing based on factors like product, location, and stock

  • Create personalized quotes and streamline approvals for quotes and discounts

Mobile applications

Keep your mobile workforce productive by giving them access to contextual customer information and powerful productivity functions, no matter where they are.

  • Help your sales team stay productive and close deals on the move

  • Locate nearby prospects or contacts with a single click so your sales reps can visit them in person

  • Help managers keep track of field sales teams with geotagging and location check-ins

  • Log notes for meetings, update customer records, create tasks, and more,
    all hands free with Zia voice

  • Build custom mobile applications that interact with your CRM data, without any concerns about scalability or backend infrastructure

Reporting and analytics

Analyze a wide range of data from across your sales operations to refine your sales processes with
in-depth reporting and data-driven dashboards.

  • Stay up-to-date on the health of your sales pipeline by analyzing sales activities at
    each stage of the funnel.

  • Track business trends with our built-in anomaly detector and get notified immediately of any deviation from projected trends so you can correct course

  • Track KPIs to stay up to date on the sales figures that matter most to your business

  • Blend information pulled from various sources to create meaningful reports for data-backed decision-making

Zoho CRM Platform capabilities

Extend the capabilities of Zoho CRM with a wide range of developer tools. Sync data across apps, build custom web and mobile apps, and scale your operations in the cloud.

  • Break application silos with REST APIs to enable the free flow of data across legacy and
    third-party apps

  • Build serverless, event-driven, and auto-scaling functions to automate complex operations across your enterprise

  • Use powerful mobile and web SDKs to build and distribute role-specific custom apps that interact with your CRM data

  • Test new customizations and changes in a sandbox environment and selectively deploy the approved changes without any impact on your production data

OceanData professional services for your Zoho CRM

  • We tailor all of these apps to fit your business needs perfectly
  • Our certified Zoho experts configure all the Zoho One applications you need and help you take advantage of these tools to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Our experts walk you through all of the software products offered with the Zoho CRM Plus package, so you can optimize these awesome apps to drive growth.
  • You benefit from our expertise in deploying Zoho CRM Plus in over 100 organizations across multiple industries.

I've been working with OceanData to customize Zoho CRM Plus for 2 years. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bruno and his team. The project was delivered on time and in accordance with specifications. OceanData exceeded my expectations in every respect. I will work with them again in the future as well.

Christian G.General Manager of Graphic Communications

Thank you in collaboration, to set up our CRM system and to the continuous assistance of our learning in the use of this powerful tool. The team appreciates your efforts and will recommend your services. Thank you from all of us at SpotEv!

Colin D. HendryFounder-Founder & CSO at SpotEv Specialized in Innovative technologies for Cultural, tourism, hospitality sectors

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor — but I did when I worked for Bruno.
I had the pleasure of working with Bruno at Ocean Data, collaborating on project teams.
I was always in awe of Bruno’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas — even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how tense a meeting, he made sure everyone left with a smile.
As a team member or a leader, Bruno earns my highest recommendation.

Akhil KhanijoMBA, Business Development Manager at Givex

Bruno is customer focused and will deliver a great solution for your needs.

Simon PouliotCommercial accounts manager, Heavy Duty sector