Centralize data for a 360-degree view of your contacts
Create data flow that are scalable and repeatable

Montreal Turn-key Zoho Consulting Partner

OceanData makes your cloud software work for you according to the reality of your data and processes.

You are busy and have better things to do than manual data entry of information that is already in your software.

Do what you are passionate about at work and let cloud software integration take care of administrative process.

Digital Transformation with ZOHO ONE

Zoho One’s centralized platform offers a suite of applications to boost your productivity by integrating all business functions. The platform can adapt to all your business processes, only if you deploy each of the applications within Zoho’s limitations. Like many business owners, if you too are curious about the best way to implement Zoho One in your business, click here and now!

“I had a great experience with OceanData from start to finish.”

Patrice PinelPresident, Tremplin Marketing

Unique model that is more flexible, because we begin to evaluate the actual way that information flows within your business - from start to finish.

We begin with your actual situation

  1. Centralize information because of data migration
  2. 360 degree view on leads and contacts
  3. Measure the conversion time and cost of a prospect into a new client
  4. Receive your sales cycle in a flowchart analysis

Bring Data to Life!

Based on our decade of experiences we design, implement and manage an enhanced set of business processes tailored to you unique needs.
Passion. Growth. Efficiency.

And with that you have the security of always receiving the service that is perfectly tailored to you and your team.

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