Centralize data in Zoho CRM personalized to your business recipe.

Why Oceandata?

Montreal Turn-key Zoho Consulting Partner

Oceandata design a plan from where you are and navigate with you, step-by-step, how to grow your business because of Zoho CRM, it can be simple.

Increased activity can mean more profit, it also means more work.

Administration can take up a lot of your time, which could otherwise be successfully used to improve your product or service.


“An investment in knowledge always brings the best returns.” – Benjamin Franklin

Digital Transformation with ZOHO ONE

Bring your data to life!
We began 2017 with the goal of serving businesses by engaging them in the transition to digital transformation.

The goal is to prepare a plan that allows clients to methodically approach change and evolve with the full power of a blueprint.

OceanData orients its services according to the 4Ps of digital transformation:

  1. People
  2. Processes
  3. Platform and software
  4. Technology portfolio

Zoho One’s centralized platform offers a suite of applications to boost your productivity by integrating all business functions.

Digitize processes with solutions that fuel passion at work to multiply growth with optimal efficiency between business needs and technology.

“I had a great experience with OceanData from start to finish.”

Patrice PinelPresident, Tremplin Marketing

Realize and accelerate your business process flow
Be paperless, one process at a time.

Learn to use Zoho CRM customised to your needs

Technology Adoption – Zoho User Training

The driving force behind a successful digital transformation is the talent in your organization. That’s why developing a learning culture must go hand-in-hand with technology.

“Success is not measured by goals, but by continuous improvement.”
– Tiger Woods

Bring Data to Life!

Based on our decade of experiences we design, implement and manage an enhanced set of business processes tailored to you unique needs.
Passion. Growth. Efficiency.