Secure and centralize your information in ocean data.

CRM personalized to your reality.

Montreal Turn-key Zoho Consulting Partner

Navigate a world of opportunities to grow your business, step-by-step we design a plan from where you are actually.

Because of Zoho CRM, it can be simple.

With the right Zoho Partner, we design a plan based on your actual situation.


Digital Transformation with ZOHO ONE

Zoho One’s centralized platform offers a suite of applications to boost your productivity by integrating all business functions.

4Ps of digital transformation:

  1. People that makes your teams;

  2. Process;

  3. Platform and software;

  4. Portfolio technologique;

Digitize processes with solutions that fuel passion at work to multiply growth with optimal efficiency between business needs and technology.

“I had a great experience with OceanData from start to finish.”

Patrice PinelPresident, Tremplin Marketing

Unique model that is more flexible, because we begin to evaluate the actual way that information flows within your business - from start to finish.

We begin with your actual situation

OceanData: Passion. Growth. Efficiency
Digitalise business processes in a blueprint based on 3 V
  1. Volume
  2. Velocity
  3. Variety

Bring Data to Life!

Based on our decade of experiences we design, implement and manage an enhanced set of business processes tailored to you unique needs.
Passion. Growth. Efficiency.

And with that you have the security of always receiving the service that is perfectly tailored to you and your team.

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Enough Talk, Let's Build Your Process Step By Step