Centralise Data.

Make business more simple to grow.

What are Zoho CRM services?

Montreal Turn-key Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator Partner

Zoho Creator because you stop wasting time using Excel spreadsheets and automate processes with custom business applications.

Be paperless, one process at a time.

Do you have multiple software by department used in ‘silos’?

Do you use many excel spreadsheet that requires manual data entry?

Integrating your actual software with the Zoho One platform simplifies communication between the talents on your team by providing access to the information you need when you need it.

Customize Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, and Zoho FSM for field service management to adapt the software to your reality.

Zoho One is viable and time-tested by more than 45 millions users all over the world

Be paperless, one process at a time. 

Receive an estimate in 3 steps :

  1. Discovery meeting
  2. Business needs into technology specifications
  3. Receive an estimate

We are experts in Deluge scripting and use across Zoho products.

We, as Zoho Experts have successfully Integrated Zoho apps with our turnkey services for more than 300+ clients in the last 8 years.

Turnkey services :

  1. Analysis
  2. Dedicated Project management
  3. Development and testing
  4. User training
  5. Support

Oceandata long-term Zoho Partner brings data to life.

Passion. Growth. Efficiency.

Why use a Turn-key Zoho One partner for Digital Transformation?

You will receive professional turn-key services to adapt Zoho software to your reality, so you don’t have to adapt for software.

You benefit from experts advice with Zoho One’s applications, a suite of applications to boost your business and give you an edge to scale faster and cheaper.

Zoho One business suite of applications :


“I had a great experience with OceanData from start to finish.”

Patrice PinelPresident, Tremplin Marketing

Customize Zoho Creator apps and Zoho CRM to your business

Manual data entry and repetitive tasks can be frustrating problems.
To eliminate tasks that will require data entry you will need experts in Deluge scripting code and integrate API to exchange software between data so you can use your time doing what matters.
Bring your data to life is about simplifying your life in 2 steps:
  1. Centralize the data in 1 software, like an ocean of data;
  2. Integrate the flow of your processes to make your data flow with a minimum of data entry;
Our services start with a functional analysis of your company according to :
4 P’s of digital transformation
  • People
  • Processes
  • Platform
  • Portfolio
We are available to meet you at your place of work or virtually.

We make it easier for you with our professional services with ‘turn-key’ services and Zoho One apps.

We create business applications that you have access from anywhere to manipulate data and transform excel files to the next level of dynamic automation.

Zoho CRM needs to be customised to your needs

Technology Adoption – Zoho User Training

The driving force behind a successful digital transformation is the talent in your organization. That’s why developing a learning culture must go hand-in-hand with technology.

“Success is not measured by goals, but by continuous improvement.”
– Tiger Woods

Oceandata integrates your business to Zoho One cloud.