The best project management software for any business

Zoho Projects, a cloud-based project management software that helps you plan your projects, track work effectively and collaborate with your team wherever they are.

Conquering chaos to exceed expectations

We’ve given Zoho Projects a complete overhaul with a redesigned user interface, improved search and filters, easy work allocation, new portfolio dashboards and more to transform your work. Whether you work from home or in the office, the new Projects 7 is a sure step towards project success.

Why do you need to automate your task processes with blueprints in Zoho Projects?

Saving time is easy

Do more meaningful work by automating the mundane tasks.

Routine tasks take up a lot of time, often leaving less energy for complicated, rewarding work.

Configure email notifications and messages so you can put your creativity and time to the best use.

Execute the right process, always

Does that ever happen that halfway through a project a new person joins the team.

Which means that, besides learning the ropes and how the team works, they also have to understand the workflows in place.

When you have blueprints already set up, it is easy to make sure everyone follows the right process always.

Anticipate any delays

When a process involves multiple teams, there may be delays sometimes as the task moves forward. This could be because there is not a lot of transparency into the process or because a team is not informed of the task progress promptly. Reduce such delays by automating your notifications and email alerts.

Features to benefit from Zoho Projects

See the overview with Gantt diagrams

Use Gantt diagrams to create your project plan and track your task schedule. Zoho Projects keeps you up to date on your critical tasks and their addictions, and immediately displays any discrepancies between your expected and actual progress.

Automate tasks to save time

Save time on routine tasks. Whether you have a simple process or a complex workflow, our online project management software has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to view and deploy new automation.

Save every minute with timesheets

Save billable and non-billable hours with the Projects Time Sheet module. Save every minute of your hard work, manually or with timers, and our built-in integration with Zoho Invoice will automatically generate invoices from your timesheets.

Project management, as efficient as possible.

Because you can visualize and design workflows.

Simple or complex task processes are design in blueprint editor.

Set up task status to identify the people responsible for each task, and make sure the process recipe is executed.

Increase efficiency

I've been working with OceanData to customize Zoho CRM Plus for 2 years. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bruno and his team. The project was delivered on time and in accordance with specifications. OceanData exceeded my expectations in every respect. I will work with them again in the future as well.

Christian G.General Manager of Graphic Communications

Thank you in collaboration, to set up our CRM system and to the continuous assistance of our learning in the use of this powerful tool. The team appreciates your efforts and will recommend your services. Thank you from all of us at SpotEv!

Colin D. HendryFounder-Founder & CSO at SpotEv Specialized in Innovative technologies for Cultural, tourism, hospitality sectors

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor — but I did when I worked for Bruno.
I had the pleasure of working with Bruno at Ocean Data, collaborating on project teams.
I was always in awe of Bruno’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas — even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how tense a meeting, he made sure everyone left with a smile.
As a team member or a leader, Bruno earns my highest recommendation.

Akhil KhanijoMBA, Business Development Manager at Givex

Bruno is customer focused and will deliver a great solution for your needs.

Simon PouliotCommercial accounts manager, Heavy Duty sector