Digital transformation with ZOHO ONE

Zoho One's centralized platform offers a suite of applications to boost your productivity by integrating all business functions.
The platform can adapt to all your business processes, only if you deploy each of the applications within Zoho's limitations. Like many business owners, if you too are curious about the best way to implement Zoho One in your business, click here now

What is Zoho one?

Zoho One is a set of more than 45 Zoho applications that work together to manage your sales, marketing, support, finance, HR, operations and document management.
All of these applications run on a single platform with a centralized console for administration.
With Zoho One, you no longer need to pay for separate subscriptions; it’s a subscription that covers all the applications in the suite to structure all processes of your business.

How do you deploy Zoho One to generate more revenue and grow your business?

It’s pretty hard not to be tempted by Zoho One. You get all the applications you need to run a business in one package.
Interestingly enough, it’s also a challenge!
ost users start using multiple applications from the start. And, instead of making life easier, it makes it even more complicated. Sounds familiar?

Well, you’re not alone!
The question is, how do you implement Zoho One successfully?

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Deploy each applications according to your progressive process

You will have many Zoho applications at your disposal, you don’t need to use them all – the adoption of the technology has to be done one step at a time and one process at a time!

Focus on the business processes you want to systematize and identify the applications to do so. Once you know which ones you need, phase out everything else.

I'm interested

After hours of conversations with our peers and lengthy YouTube videos posted by Zoho and OceanData, we were convinced that Zoho was the right solution. But what about OceanData?

What kind of response time would we encounter? Would there be a language problem during telephone meetings? Could their engineering competence be entrusted to the non-engineer in us? Will they defend their product after the sale?

Wow, all the angst was for nothing. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The implementation team in India was exceptional.

Erin PurnellOperations Manager, Physiotec


Collaborate with a Zoho One partner

Time is money for most businesses. Use a partner who knows Zoho One, has extensive experience with Zoho and preferably has knowledge of your industry’s processes.

In this way, your partner will help you translate your vision into a unique solution that is adopted by your team.

I'm interested

We had been researching ZOHO for a few years and were not ready to change our expectation in the face of the low level of supplier support, until our sister concern in North America began using ZOHO CRM with success implemented by OceanData and has always been appreciated in our discussions.

Patrice PinelPresident, Tremplin Marketing


Integration: Make technology work for you!

Of course, applications are linked. Of course, they are integrated with each other to some extent.

Are they integrated to meet your needs?

No standard product is. And without a customized integration, you’ll have to manually enter the same data into different applications. Which totally defies the purpose of the system in the first place.

I'm interested

We came across OceanData on the recommendation of the Zoho team. Initially, I did not believe in their ability to meet my requirements because I was extremely concerned about the implementation part, having had a bad experience in the past with other companies.

We can now send quotes, invoices, make a seller's reservation sitting with us on our comfortable beds.

In short, I would say that OceanData helps me achieve my dreams and that they put all their weight on our road to progress.

Surprisingly, we never met. Everything happened by phone or via the Internet.

Karine TaylorPresident, Fanair Cosmetiques


Zoho Training: Optimizing Usage with technology adoption

The adoption of technology by your team is the key factor for success. Training stimulates adaptation. So, no matter how many users or how many applications you use, invest time in training your users. Identifying key influencers and training them to be advocates of the system is a great way to improve the adoption of Zoho know-how.

I'm interested

I am very impressed with the OceanData team and their dedication to customizing to work perfectly in line with my process and get me going as quickly and easily as possible.

I now have a 360 degree view of my contacts, properties and associated interactions. Saving my time and increasing my productivity will give me a fantastic return on my investment with OceanData.

Kim FullerPresident, Phil