Quantitive model.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the model’s data inputs, significant variability may exist, based on factors including location, hardware, and the choice of service and application development provider.

Readers should focus on the robustness of the methodology to be used as a replicable tool for strategy building, rather than relying on specific results.

This allow organisations to evaluate cost differences between an optimal strategy and actual processes.

The model will allow your organisation to measure investment analysis, which will seek to build dynamic cash flows specific to each forms your employees or customers have to fill with data and the process strategy to complete the lifecycle of an operation or transaction, which can be valued with our Privilege Diagnosis Program by Dataflow ©.

As the data from your forms will flow into your managing system, the application model is easily, simply replicable, it only require a detailed understanding of the many input variables.

These will be unique to your personal organisation workflow in every circumstance, depending on requirements, location, hardware and software in place, risk appetite, law and regulation, accounting policies and among other factors.

Results could vary significantly between two seemingly similar assessments.

Privilege Diagnosis Program will allow you and your team a strong understanding of the forces behind input assumptions to use the model constructively.