Start. Structure. Scale.


The start phase is all about starting small, gaining support for your digital transformation program by providing the value of the approach step by step, and celebrating the success of your first initiative to generate internal PR.

This way the first project will have a WOW factor that is unexpected and high impact, so it can be a positive catalyst to spread a buzz through the company. As Plautus said, ‘One eye-witness weighs more than ten hear-says’: Seeing is believing’.

To make it happen as a success:

– The right business case;

– The right stakeholders;

– The right team;


Begin to focus on formalizing your team and strategy to accelerate digital transformation. In this phase, identifying training needs and deciding on a sourcing strategy of processes to integrate / automate are keys objectives.


The Scale phase is all about applying greater automation to enhance cash flow growth and value creation, which will realize the efficiency to become a digital enterprise that gain competitive advantage.

With these capabilities in place, you can maximize value and productivity by creating distributed innovation capabilities.