Risk Assessment

A detailed assessment of the risks of the actual data migration process follows the research. The risk is gauged based on the conclusion of the research report during the system research phase along with the combination of the architectural characteristics of the cloud platform.

Furthermore, the cloud migration team can determine the following risks :

  • The feasibility of migrating the system to the cloud
  • System eligibility to migrate to the cloud
  • Requirement for system transformation or code refactoring
  • Transformation difficulty
  • Post-migration system support

Calculation of the transformation schedule and technical challenges of the migration project is possible through a series of research.

Additionally, the cloud migration team can evaluate the risks that emerge during the system migration process and analyze any unsupported features by the cloud platform to work out a targeted solution during the scheming stage.

  • Cloud platform compatibility evaluation

The evaluation involves a thorough study of the actual situation of the application system, the unsupported software, and hardware by the cloud platform.

  • Performance risk evaluation

The data migration team can evaluate performance bottlenecks of the existing system to develop an optimization scheme for the application system. This extends to whether there is a need to apply database or table-based splitting, and determining if it requires massive data processing technology.

  • System transformation risk evaluation

Evaluation of system risks during the transformation process is carried out in accordance with business characteristics, technical features, and cloud platform traits of the existing application system.

  • Ressource risk evaluation

This step involves evaluating the risks in the cloud migration implementation plan, cloud platform resource preparations, human resources of the cloud migration implementation team, and similar aspects.