1- Portfolio

The starting point is to identify a first process of great value.
Because with a high value first process, you will achieve immediate success and create a wow factor.
In order to build on this success, your goal should be to create a bext 5 process roadmap to automatically encourage and manage ideation.

Be contextual and proactive.

2- Persons

Top management buy-in is crucial for successful digital execution.
It is equally important to define who will lead the program and the teams who will carry out these projects.

This involves creating several small, cross-functional teams made up of people with knowledge of technology and business.

An internal center of excellence helps ensure the continuity of critical talent while providing shared services and best practices to support the overall transformation agenda.

3- Process

Establish processes for rapid, iterative, and instant deployment.

Although establishing good governance and good practice is ultimately essential to scale up.
The initial emphasis is on collaboration between the company, each department and IT.

Collect as much feedback as possible from users.

4- Platform

The platform is not just about selecting the right fast application or iot, big data or machine learning technologies. It is also about defining a cloud strategy to minimize costs and time to market to position the tge platform in your enterprise architecture in order to use it for the right reasons, by integrating into the existing landscape. which will apply best practices for optimal results.