Choose the first project, to quickly deliver business value is important enough.

  1. Upload within 30 days
    1. Validate the ability to quickly process the integration to use.
    2. Gartner calls them Island Projects, they are limited in scope and can stand on their own as part of a team in your organization. The key is to show results quickly to create a flywheel effect that accelerates the momentum of digital transformation.
  2. Highly visible and offers direct value
    1. It also needs the right urgency and management support to deliver tangible value.
    2. Suddenly people are asking, “Will this work for this process or this project?”
  3. Involve defining the needs of the company
    1. The aim is to illustrate the highest level of creativity and collaboration facilitated by the approach.
    2. Great user experience occurs through user involvement in the design phase which also creates a much higher acceptance rate.
  4. Limited external dependencies
    1. Integration with the existing system: APIs must be accessible.
    2. Deployment infrastructure: ready.
    3. Industry regulations: validate all aspects of the regulations.
  5. Desire
    1. This will help internal PR efforts with live integration that will bring business value.
  6. Requirements are specified and approved
    1. It is best to set a high level goal or goal and achieve it. Then we can capture and refine the requirements using an iterative approach.
  7. Build it and validate with an experienced user
    1. It will open your eyes and demonstrate value.
  8. Smart integration
    1. Intelligent and customizable for the user, it can combine contextual and historical data in real time.