Timesheet Reports

Timesheet reports help you track the hours logged for tasks and issues. The Advanced Reports show the approved, rejected, and pending hours logged by each user. Billable and Non-billable Timesheet report shows how many hours are billable and non-billable by user.
Project timesheet reports lets users check the total hours, billable and non-billable hours logged, and the budget for each project. The client timesheet report displays the total hours, billable and non-billable hours logged, and the amount spent on the project by the client company.


  • View timesheets by projects or client companies
  • View timesheets by date, month, week, custom range or the last 1 year
  • Export timesheet reports to PDF (screen grab) or XLS
  • Filter timesheets based on multiple criteria

Project Report

Timesheet Reports.
Project Report under Advanced Reports.

Details in Project Report:

  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Hours logged
  • Invoiced amount
  • Project budget
  • Time of last entry
  • Actual cost

 Timesheet Reports.

Filters in Project Report

Filter project reports to view timesheets matching specific criteria. Click  in the upper right corner to view filter options.

Export Results

It is possible to export the results to a PDF or XLS file. Click and select Export to PDF or Export to XLS.

Timesheets present the hours logged by users in an easy to understand table. Timesheets can be grouped either by date or by users. Timesheet groups can be viewed from the Work Overview section and also from Timesheet module inside a project.

Group By Date

View all timesheets by grouped by date. The latest entries are displayed first.

Group By User

Work Overview > Timesheets.

Group By Date from the drop-down.

The time logs are grouped based on the users. The user names are sorted alphabetically.

For every user, the projects are sorted based on the project ID.

For every project, the latest log entry will be displayed first.

Filters in Timesheet Groups

Timesheets can be filtered to view time logs matching the selected criteria. Click  in the upper-right corner to view filter options.