Blueprint in Zoho Desk

A Blueprint helps you execute a support process in a well-defined, systematic manner. It is an intuitive visual modeling platform that enables you to customize workflows that are aligned with the needs of your customers. With a Blueprint, you can,
  • Define every stage in your support process and associate the right agents with each stage
  • Guide your agents through the execution of the process
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually
  • Automate routine actions
Benefits of Using Blueprint
A Blueprint is beneficial for more than one reason –
  • It helps you to align your support process with Zoho Desk and ensures your agents follows through with it.
  • It handholds agents through the entire process of handling a ticket – what the next step should be, or what they need to do next before closing a ticket. This way, your newbie agents can get to task without engaging in an onboarding program.
  • It outlines the details you want your agents to record at every stage. For example, agents cannot proceed to book flight tickets without updating the meal preference of customers on their ticket.
  • It allows you to time your support processes by specifying how long each stage should take in a Blueprint. Plus, you can set up an escalation after a specified amount of time has elapsed for a stage.
  • With Blueprint’s reports and graphs, you know how much time agents are spending on each stage, how long it takes agents to complete one stage and move on to the next, and more.