Why reach your customers through a two-way conversation?

At OceanData, we believe there is no better way to reach your customers than by engaging them in a two-way conversation. You can connect with your customers where and when they are most likely to be receptive to your message with Zoho Zia.

Located in the Montreal region, our team of expert CRM strategists will support you in the strategic planning of the digitalization of business processes one step at a time.

Our expertise is put to good use throughout the interaction process between the user of your CRM and you:
• Strategic research and analysis
• R&D innovation
• Operational planning and execution
• Data collection and analysis for dashboard creation

OceanData has been providing turnkey solutions for over 5 years with Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaign.

The team of expert CRM strategists will offer you solutions to integrate mobile into your overall strategic planning, in order to:
• Establish an immediate relationship with your client
• Promote your brand or your products
• Stimulate traffic to your store, office, etc.
• Earn the trust and loyalty of your customers
• Encourage recurring business
• To increase the sales
• Collect relevant statistical data

Explore the endless potential of Zoho Marketing hub and Zoho CRM.

Note: Our solutions are ecological.

To make your business as strong as the ocean, centralize your data to Zoho CRM.