4.0 Business Process Consulting Services

Empower your employees to work smarter by making information accessible when and where they need it. Design more agile and efficient ways to manage paper documents or information placed in siloed software.

Draw the groundwork for your current situation to bring process digitization procedures to life by including cutting-edge technological solutions.

Contracts, complaints, correspondence, reports, orders, work orders, documents and files are at the heart of many processes business.


The labor market 4.0:

– a world that demands access to information anytime and anywhere

– your old procedures for managing, routing and approving paper documents and electronic content can sometimes be time consuming and inefficient.

They can increase costs and introduce audit and compliance issues. But perhaps what is most important is that they can prevent you from accessing the information you need to do your job quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

How many of your business procedures aren’t working the way they should?

How confident are you in your approach to meeting compliance and audit requirements – including managing retention schedules?

And how much time do you waste due to delays in receiving information or other procedural inefficiencies?

For nearly 5 years, OceanData has been helping organizations across multiple industries apply technology to save time and increase efficiency and passion in the workplace.

Business process consulting services:

– to put our expertise in business procedure advice at your service to help you identify problematic workflows, minimize waste and find ways to promote communication, sharing and collaboration more effectively and faster.

Manage documents. Transform procedures.

Ricoh’s business process consulting services can help you transform a wide range of procedures
that support information mobility – leading to increased speed, accuracy and efficiency as well as more effective collaboration.

Identify and eliminate unnecessary costs in current procedures

Our advisors help you determine where you can reduce or eliminate wasted time, money and resources from your business procedures.

We will look for opportunities to improve and automate workflows, increasing speed and efficiency.

And we’ll show you how to reduce the costs associated with storing, faxing, sending and reprinting documents – including labor associated with certain repetitive tasks.

Take control of you time

OceanData can help you take control of the documents and files that support your processes and that may prevent you from accessing true information mobility.

We support you with Zoho One to let you know how to reduce or eliminate the risk and costs associated with a misplaced or lost document, because the first step is to centralize the information in your CRM.

We are seeing optimizations to include controls in procedures, which has the potential to ease the burden associated with compliance and audits.

And we offer recommendations for automating record retention management based on physical documents and digital content.

Provide information on demand

OceanData can help your business succeed in the 4.0 labor market which is defined by continuous change and mobile employees. We can identify bottlenecks and processing times that can slow decision making and service responsiveness for customers, and help you eliminate them.

We can help you scan and enter documents, and include them in optimized workflows. And we can help you harness information mobility by enabling professionals to review, approve, and route documents from anywhere.


To make your business as strong as the ocean, centralize your data to Zoho CRM