Maximize software usage because of integration using the 3D method

(That all the system exchange data between each other, non-obstinately, the media (emails, text messages, chat, social networks, facetime, etc.) that the resource of your company uses, which varies according to the generation (in age) of your resources.

Purpose: To allow a message (or data, or reports, or documents) to be transmitted, read and to confirm that read as effectively as possible, regardless of the medium used.

So OceanData

  1. Discover
  2. Design
  3. Deploy integration

Data Flow with Zoho One Solutions.

The aspiration is to ignite people’s passion by simplifying the writing of case status, the choice of the preferred mode of communication (notifications by email, text by messaging or by pop-up), comments (and / or approval if necessary).

They should have an action plan with champions inside the organization to illustrate the path to be taken with the Technology tool, which will encourage the team to use it to be effective.

You have to start with a first small project as Mark Twain writes:
“I’m trying to imagine a short story. I wrote the last sentence. It’s solid and well constructed, but I haven’t written any of the rest of the text yet.”

integrate systems so that representatives can quickly access customer data, product / service information and inventory / availability records of required customer resources.

Explore technologies offering the opportunity to automatically place orders at source and process immediate payments on a mobile device.

CRM + e-commerce integration

Aim of a complete integration:
Increase trust and improve conversion rates by providing customers with an individualized experience. To do this, we must integrate all the data you have on the client.

With all this data, advisers will be able to interact in a personalized way with clients. It is strategic to use its data to personalize their messages published in customer accounts and in marketing emails.

Real-time measure data collected and test for each process Customization method.

Frame the data flow execution roadmap for integration to result in automation.

Management concept:

  • Decision-making autonomy
  • Total quality management
  • Learning organization
  • Sponsorship of the path to success


One of the biggest challenges growing businesses face today is how to move forward with the digital age to stay relevant.

Stat. By Forrester
– 27% of businesses today have a cohesive digital strategy that defines how the business will create customer value as a digital business.

According to Gartner, the biggest challenge of digital innovation (Competitive Edge) is not technology, it is driving change.
The most difficult barriers to driving this change are skills and resources, funding, organizational culture and structure, and IT-business alignment.

The key is unprecedented collaboration between IT and business leaders.

Marketing process as a 4P:

– Position
– Price
– Product / Service
– Promotion

Digital transformation as a 4P:

Mode 2 emphasizes agility and speed
Mode 2 capabilities required to drive digital innovation

– Portfolio
– People
– Process
– Platform: Zoho One

Build your first team, prepare the business for rapid and agile application development to celebrate success.

To celebrate success, you need to be able to measure progress.

Value of innovative digital solutions, the CFO and business line leaders need to stay focused on the business value that can be measured.
This is simpler and easier to report the numbers as you want to see them.

The cloud must have a place in the future of every business, it is wise to demonstrate how the business value of digital solutions can and should be managed and measured.

Measure value to win the hearts and minds of leaders.
Only by taking action, will you know how your new digital solution is impacting the business.

Establish KPIs, compare them, and then define the solution’s value potential.
When your digital solution is in production, state its ROI and forecast the benefits for the next 2-3 years.

With the right choice of digital solution, you can be sure to grow the appetite of the workforce in general and the appetite of executives even more.