Manage your documents with Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects allows you to store, organize, and share your project files over the web securely with your project team. Your project files are always available on-demand so that everyone in your team can access it. You can add ten files at a time, of 20 MB size each. You can add upto 500 files at a time, of 500 MB size each from the Documents tab.

Helen runs a project called ‘Content Management’ with a team of 10 members. They work for an online news agency and each member in her team works across different beats (like city, entertainment, fashion, food, etc.). They follow a standard guide for writing, where all the news articles are reviewed based on the rules mentioned in the guide. Now, their client requests the team for following a few additional points in the language and the article structure. Sharing these new tips in the existing style guide is one option, but it may get unnoticed by all the 10 members. So, Helen creates a document, uploads it, highlights the new changes, and shares it with all her teammates. They can now easily view the additional changes in the style guide and refer the same while writing the next articles.

Benefits of Document Management

  • Upload documents from various places and keep the information accessible to the team
  • Store different file types like .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, *.zip and embed videos all from one place
  • Check-in and check-out files
  • Add intuitive tag labels to project files and create your own tagging structure
  • Put all your files in a central place for your team to access it with ease