How does CRM Help to grow?

Contrary to popular belief, customer relationship management (CRM) in not just another type of business management software; it is a business strategy to acquire, grow and retain contacts relationships.

This distinction is important. A CRM can only succeed if the CRM technology supports a truly personalized client-focused strategy that adapts and integrates to your unique actual situation.

CRM can bring together information from all software of your business and integrate into one module, as a result, CRM can help you :

  • Retain exiting clients by improving client service
  • Sell more to existing clients by uncovering new challenges to solve for them
  • Automate marketing and sales processes
  • Better track and manage business performance, product line performance, team performance, sales rep performance, etc.
  • Close deals faster by centrally tracking all key information in one place
  • Streamline account management by tracking all interactions with each contact within an account
  • Enhance pipeline management by tracking performance against sales quotas
  • Save time by improving team communication
  • Empower your field sales force with information on their mobile devices

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is part of a much larger Zoho One suite of online applications, including Zoho Campaign and Zoho Social. It is often praised for its workflow and automation features, such as Zoho Blueprint or Zoho Commandcenter. The integration with Linkedin Sales Navigator allows you to view information about prospects and clients such as shared connections and lead recommendations, all without having to leave your Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM aims to make the entire process of running a sales team easy for you, from automating entry of time-consuming data to regular customer follow-ups, and even assigns scores to your leads to help you prioritize them better.

Artificial Intelligence

Zoho CRM is one of just a few SMB-focused SaaS CRMs that offer AI-driven features. Zia, Zoho’s proprietary AI assistant, offers, according to the company, “predictions on trends, anomalies, conversions, and deals closing.”


For streamlined call dialing and automatic call logging, Zoho offers single-click dialing directly from the CRM. Once you’ve integrated telephony, anytime a user views a contact card, they have the option of click to call.

The telephony feature also has built-in reminders so you can set future callbacks, and the automatic call logging makes it easy to see customer info and conversation history. Call analytics and reporting round out Zoho’s telephony features by offering valuable data visualization and custom feedback on your customer service.

Client and Vendor Portals

The customer portals in Zoho CRM allow your business to communicate with your most valued customers in a new way. Your customers, who must be granted access to customer portals, can do things like browse catalogs of products and services, view invoices, and place orders without contacting a salesperson directly. Likewise, vendor portals allow your most trusted vendors to communicate with you directly in the CRM as well as view invoices and transactions.

Collaboration Tools

Zoho CRM is jampacked with collaboration tools that are ideal for small teams. The built-in document management system stores documents, pictures, music and videos. Access privileges make it easy to lock down sensitive materials and only share certain items with certain team members. The calendar feature is also great for collaboration; groups can share calendars, and individuals can maintain their own directly within the CRM.