5 ways to start loving sales

5 ways to start loving sales

If you are a sales professional who doesn’t really like to sell, you are not alone. Many salespeople struggle with stereotypes of salespeople or are afraid of being arrogant. Even those who love to sell sometimes need a boost and a little reminder that they are providing a good service. Here are 5 tips that, if applied, will have a huge positive impact on your selling perspective.

1: Be “you” when selling

A lot of people associate selling with being a “used car salesperson” and don’t want others to think of them that way. The last thing you want is for people to think that you are an aggressive, aggressive “seller”, so to prevent people from thinking of you that way you just avoid and resist the sale, don’t. isn’t it? Not a good idea, if you want customers!

It is certainly true that there are many stereotypical salespeople. It is true that some can be aggressive, manipulative, aggressive, etc. What is also true is that there are also a lot of open, honest and genuine sellers. These are the salespeople who are truly successful, and their track records prove it.

Recognize that you are not a stereotypical salesperson. Recognize that you are an open, honest and genuine person. Realize that if you are open, honest, and “yourself” when selling, you will be more successful. Be yourself and you will start to feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed about the sale.

2: Find the passion for what you are selling

Find out what big problems you can solve for your customers. Then ask yourself if you are passionate and enthusiastic about solving these problems. If the answer is yes, think about all the great results and benefits people will get from your service. Your passion and enthusiasm will then naturally begin to show. By the way, if you are not passionate about solving these problems for your clients, I suggest you find something else to do.

3: See sell as serve

When you sell your services, you are helping people. Simply put: to sell is to solve problems, to sell is to help, to sell is to serve. Now what do you think of selling when you see it that way?

4: See that your goal is to help as many people as you can

Realize that this is your goal, your moral obligation to have as many sales conversations as possible with as many people as possible. You owe it to people to bring them your expertise and wisdom. You have an ethical responsibility to make sure they know you and that they know you are available to help them. Now what do you think of selling when you see it that way?

5: Learn a Selling Method You Love

A lot of fear and aversion to selling arises because we just don’t know how to sell. If you don’t know how to do something, it’s very natural to be afraid. It’s how nature protects you. But you will be amazed to know that if you learn a simple method of selling, much of this fear will go away.

Find and learn a sales method that matches your personality and values. I highly recommend that you learn one that is designed for non-salespeople, otherwise you run the risk of learning “techniques” which can be manipulative in nature.

By putting these 5 tips into practice, you’ll start to really look forward to having sales conversations with potential customers. You will start to love it! And sales will start naturally.