Zoho Recruit – Essentials of a Blueprint

A Blueprint is designed by arranging the stages of a process into a sequential order. In Zoho Recruit, the primary building blocks are states and transitions. You will be able to define the following details with Blueprint:

  • Each stage in the process
  • The people associated with each stage
  • The actions to be performed during and after every stage
  • Criteria to validate the completion of every stage

The primary building blocks of a blueprint are:


Each stage in Blueprint is referred to as a “state”. For example, a candidate goes through different stages before being hired: Waiting for Evaluation, Qualified, Submit to Client, Schedule Interview, and finally, Hired. Drag and drop states to the Blueprint Editor to design the process flow.


“Transition” refers to the change of state in a process. A transition defines\ the conditions required for a record to move from one state to another. Usually, only a qualified candidate is associated with a job opening. Here, the conditions and actions required for a record to move from Qualified to Associated are prescribed in the Associate Job Openings transition block.

Zoho Recruit – Blueprint – A Scenario

The Blueprint in Zoho Recruit is an online replica of your offline recruitment process, designed to help you execute the recruitment process in a well-defined, systematic manner with no loopholes. With Blueprint, you can:

  • Define every stage in a process and validate important information
  • Guide your teams through the execution of the process
  • Automate routine actions

To learn how to design a Blueprint, let’s look at an example scenario. Zylker, Inc. is a software company that sells cloud applications. They hire candidates on a regular basis. Their Generic Candidate Pipeline process consists of the following stages:     

Let’s see how this process can be designed in Zoho Recruit using Blueprint.