Improve your performance management

Every organization is determined to motivate and increase the productivity of its employees. To achieve these goals, you will need a sustainable system to measure and evaluate performance throughout the year. Zoho People is an organized, insightful, and customizable system that adds context to business and development to better leverage employee performance.

Performance management

  1. Evaluation modules

  2. Assessment process

  3. Reports

Evaluation modules

Zoho People offers a comprehensive appraisal system to assess employee performance. Assessment modules can be added as a component of the assessment process for better assessment.

Tag skills by employee or by group

With Zoho People, you can tag skills required for various jobs and allow employees to highlight their own skill sets. You will be able to use the most knowledgeable employees for a given project, eliminating the need for tedious research.
Adding a value and score to each skill will give managers insight into an employee’s capabilities, whether they’re looking for training needs or someone to mentor a junior.

Set agile goals and define the resulting key areas

Break down your organization’s long-term goals into short, achievable goals. Zoho People allows managers and administrators to assign goals and values, and allows employees to set their own goals, track progress, and then measure results.

Key Result Areas (KRAs) are simple metrics used with goals and skill sets to assess employee performance. You can associate KRAs with specific designations and departments, and then evaluate employees based on the given value. KRAs can be defined as goals or behaviors tailored to your organization’s assessment practices.

Zoho People allows you to analyze employee progress using the KRA vs Goal metric. Managers or employees can tag KRAs, set a value, associate it with achievable goals or tasks, and then track progress.

Collect feedback for more context

Zoho People has three feedback systems to ensure comprehensive ratings: 360-degree feedback, peer-to-peer feedback, and report manager feedback. Organizations can choose the system that best suits their review methods.

Note briefly the performance summaries

Managers can take quick notes on employee performance so that important accomplishments throughout the year are not overlooked during review times. It can also serve as a summary of an employee’s performance for new team leaders.
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Assessment process

Zoho People is customizable to fit a wide variety of performance review modules. Automatic reminders and notifications will be sent to reviewers and assessors at each stage of the assessment process.

Staff employee self-assessment

Employees can evaluate their own work and rate their performance as part of the evaluation cycle. Administrators can set duration periods for the self-assessment to ensure timely completion.

Managers or admins can customize a set of questions or upload self-assessment documents to help employees assess their contribution to the team. Employees can also assess themselves on the basis of the following assessment modules: Goals, KRAs or KRA vs Goals.

Opinions of managers at several levels

Zoho People allows you to set up manager reviews at multiple levels to keep the review process fair and stable. After the final reviewer consolidates the appraisal reports, higher-level managers can accept or reject the report, and then publish employee reviews. You can customize the fields to publish or keep them anonymous.

Multi-rater comments

Employees can work on multiple projects under different managers or contracts throughout the year. In order for the final reviewer to conduct fair and transparent assessments, employees or managers can select multi-assessor reviewers and allow simultaneous or consecutive performance reviews from different higher levels.
Managers can define a custom set of questions that multiple assessors will use as guidelines for assessing employees, or assess them based on assessment modules.


Make better decisions with reports

The skills matrix report acts as a talent management and training management tool. Managers will have the key to identifying the most talented people, as well as those with training needs.

Obtain insight into the performance of selected employees over the years through user assessment reports. The appraisal report gives an overview of employee appraisal scores.

The performance vs potential report will help you visualize the performance of employees against their potential. Managers can get a comprehensive view of the best elements in a department with an overview of promotion capabilities, moderate elements, and low-performing elements with training needs.