The greater velocity of information has accelerated the pace of everything in business.

Peter F. Drucker

Digital marketing

Increase the conversion speed of your ‘leads’ by integrating all digital marketing tools with Zoho CRM.

So you have an awesome website;

Are you sure you are getting enough visibility?

This is where digital marketing comes in. In today’s world, when the online space is crowded with businesses, just building a website isn’t enough. So, you have to go the extra mile to drive more traffic to your website.

The outcome is determined by the strategies for tracking and triage of the potential of each opportunity.

We make it easier to process the follow-up of prospects and the digital audience by integrating all communication channels with the CRM and the dashboard.

To ensure better visibility and optimize the conversion of follow-ups

  • Sales process consultation
  • Zoho Social social media marketing integrated with Zoho CRM
  • Blog post
  • Email Marketing and Webinar Management

Measure the KPIs through your dashboard: Automate your sales forecasting process and price configuration for your proposals.

Start with a functional analysis that maps your marketing processes into integration with your sales processes to improve the speed of processing quality leads.
Our Zoho experts analyze the requirements of your email marketing campaigns and offer a full consultation on how to do it with Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaign.