The easiest way to double your sales

Do you want to double your sales in the next six to twelve months? Do I have your attention?

The two strategies I’m about to describe have been proven time and time again to result in exponential increases in sales. I’m not talking about an increase of 10%, 20%, etc. I’m talking about an increase of 100%, 200% or even 300%.
These strategies are easy to implement and implement, but very few implement them. Most people are so busy chasing new customers that they miss out on the easiest sales of all – which you will be doing when you implement these two strategies.

Of course, I guess you have happy customers and they trust you. You delivered what you said you would deliver and maybe even more.


Here are the two strategies:

1st Strategy: ‘Nurturing’ Clients

You need to have a strategy in place to turn your customers from happy customers into enthusiastic fans. Enthusiastic fans will “ naturally ” rave about you from others and effectively become your unpaid sales force.

Most make the mistake of thinking this because they have done a good job; their customers will become enthusiastic fans and tell others.

Unfortunately, it is not the case. Your customers expect you to do a good job – that’s what they paid you for. Statistics show that 14% of customers leave because they are dissatisfied with the product or service, while 68% leave because of the way they feel.

To turn a customer into a delusional fan, they have to feel good. It requires you to quickly transform the transactional relationship into a personal one. You need to show your customer that you care about them as a person rather than a transaction. It’s not enough to show your customers that you care about them just once. You need to show them that you care about them repeatedly and consistently over time.

In order to repeatedly show your customers that you care about them, you need to develop a plan to connect with them on a personal level at least once a month. It could involve a combination of things like making unprofessional phone calls (just to see how they’re doing), sending them information to help them with their hobby, going for an unprofessional lunch / coffee, sending them cards and sometimes cards and gifts (thank you cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, appreciation cards, etc.).

You will probably want to have a different “nurturing” plan for your “A” clients compared to your “B” and “C” clients.
As a result of implementing this twelve month “Feed Your Customers” strategy, your sales will increase from your customers and you will get more referrals and more sales from referrals.

Exponential growth can result from the implementation of this strategy alone. However, what is really powerful is if you also implement strategy two. And the likelihood of strategy two working will be increased because you have strategy one in place.

2nd Strategy: Proactive Offers (Do it Now!)

Start by identifying the customers who bring you 80% of your income. Typically 20% of your customers bring you 80% of your income in a year.

For each of these customers, make a six and twelve month forecast of what they are likely to need from you in terms of products and / or services.
Now come up with an offer that makes it very attractive for every customer to commit to buying from you now what they will buy from you in the next six and twelve months. What can you add that they will value as they engage now rather than later?

Now present them with the two offers: a six-month offer and a twelve-month offer. Present it in such a way that they see that it is in their best interest to engage now rather than later.

You’ll be pleasantly – and very exciting – surprised at the resulting sales (especially if they know you care about them in the deal!).

Make the implementation of these two strategies a priority so that you can at least double your sales. Implementing them will cost you, I guess, a lot less than what you spend on acquiring new customers and it’s a much easier way to double your sales.

What are you waiting for?