Identifying resources that contribute to innovation

The greatest resource you have for Innovation comes from your own team and listening to feedback from customers.

Your employees are vested in doing the right thing for you and the people they work with so encourage that participation. Your employees are closest to your customers they have insight into customer demand from first-person experiences. Your customers stand to gain from work you do that makes your products and services better for them.

Developing your plan for your new CRM require company-wide Innovation around your business processes.

When you have meetings where team members share their new ideas, be supportive of their efforts no matter how small or misguided they might be. Make sure they understand that a framework is in place to approve new ideas and incorporate them into your organization. This framework provides a comprehensive way to prioritize innovative ideas, so the process doesn’t become too political.

To manage expectations, make it clear that only a relatively small percentage of all the ideas you gather will be implemented in the short-term.

Going beyond having conversations with your employees and customers, you want to get a feel for how the Kilcher or your organization feels about innovation.

Find out how much your team is encouraged to share new ideas. If the culture resist change get support for the upcoming changes you’re making to the business processes so that your people follow them.