Self-Assessment for your CRM strategy

Here is a series of questions; the answers can give you a sense of how far along you are in the setup of your CRM software.

If you can’t answer a question, consider whether integration of your CRM should be part of your digital transformation strategy to provide the benefits that you need to grow to the next level.

How you answer these questions determines where you should focus your energy for the next step of your digital transformation. If you don’t have ready access to these answers, find out why. People in your organization should be responsible ^for them and should report on them on a regular basis.

What is your ideal client?

How big is your market?

What market segments are you pursuing?

Who are your buyer personas?

What competitor exist?

How many contacts are in your database?

How often do you send email newsletters?

What are the average read/click rates for your newsletters? Are the interaction trends increasing or decreasing?

How many people visit your website?

How many contact forms have you built on your website? Do they work well?

Have you set-up auto-responders for your forms?

Do you have support ticketing and lead capture built in to your website?

Do you have live chat installed?

Are you advertising online? How much are you spending? How many people visit your website from your ads every month?

What is your average cost-per-impression for advertising (CPM)?

What is the average cost-per-new-client acquisition (CPA)?

Which campaigns have the lowest CPA?

Which campaigns generate the highest average conversion values?

Are your salespeople set-up with a CRM ? How often do they use it? For which purpose do they think about login to the CRM?

Can your sales people see email marketing and website traffic data in the contact records in their CRM?

Are you managing offline events, such as meetings and trade shows? Does attendance data automatically get into your CRM?

Have you designed and defined the internal company processes?

Have you designed and defined your buyer journey?

DO you have a lead scoring set-up? Demographic or based on interactions activities?

Do you have warm or cold lead automation workflows built?

Do you have drip campaigns built for market segments?

Do you have predictive analysis built?

Can yu identify actions and demographics that correlate to conversions?