Get the ball rolling on a project the moment a deal closes in your CRM. Make sure your sales, marketing, and project teams are on the same page and help your sales team make better business decisions by integrating Zoho CRM with our project management software, Zoho Projects.

Eliminate siloed information

The Projects integration for Zoho CRM ensures that your sales and projects team are on the same page at every stage of the project. Sales teams can view the number of projects associated with a customer and monitor their progress to make better decisions while also providing project managers with necessary customer information for better service.

Connect customer feedback to your projects

A change in customer requirements once the project is initiated can be a deal-breaker if the change isn’t communicated to your projects team. You can address this by logging the information obtained after calls in Zoho CRM that will then show up in the projects feed. This keeps your projects team informed on customer feedback so they can act accordingly.

Bring your clients into the project

By adding your clients as users, they can view project details, offer feedback, create tasks, upload documents, and actively participate in forum discussions. Eliminate the need for back and forth correspondence through emails or phonecalls by involving your clients directly in the project.

Collaborate for effective progress

A central feed allows your team to communicate, share ideas and keep everyone involved updated on a project’s status. A document library allows users and invited clients to upload documents that can be made available to the teams that need it, so everyone has the latest version of project documents.