CRM and Training your team

A good team knows how to use the tools they’re given and a CRM software is a tool like any other. Your users should get comfortable using the CRM as quickly as possible. You must ensure everyone is going to have a training plan and has access to learning resources for self-study.

too often users try to power through the learning curve spending four more hours than necessary and clicking anywhere to learn the behavior on the software interface. Rely on Experts who can save you and your staff hours of searching for solutions to your more complex problems.

Sometimes experts are available to help you from within the CRM vendors organization; Other times the best experts are available as external consultant.

Make sure that no matter whom you hire, the people who helped you have experience setting up a CRM and understand your company’s processes, your people, and the mission to use the right methods.

Vendor-suppliers support is another method of getting help, be sure you’re familiar with your CRM vendor’s support policies. Because you should be able to access support via phone, email, and chat.

Building muscle memory with walk-throughs

To have an ideal adoption of your new CRM tools, you need to put in place training with this much as walk-through is possible.

This is how people will learn.

This is how you will capture your team attention, to actually go through the software steps and understand the Behavior they’re going to have to implement when they use the software in the future.

One of your primary goals is training all your new CRM users to be comfortable with working in the software every day. In this aspect, use the tools provided by the software vendor to educate your team such as videos in tutorial.

Tools that walk users through their tasks step-by-step or powerful educational resources are an efficient way to get your team on board. If the CRM has an integrated, interactive guide, it saves you a lot of explanation, time and avoid repeating the same instruction over and over again.

Take advantage of this kind of tool if one is built into your CRM itself.

Leveraging vendor videos, articles, and knowledge bases

CRM vendors spend a lot of time developing helpful resources you can use.

Videos, articles, ebook, and a searchable knowledge base is always available especially with Zoho software. Some of the contents you would find in the educational section of Zoho Corporation is specific to the platform Zoho. There are many also generate strategic content for you and your team to grow from.

Take advantage of these resources and do your homework so you can be an effective leader and teacher to other people on your team.

Making dedicated resources available

Assign an internal Champion or team of Champions responsible for the implementation of your CRM software. Champions / Department he’s the transition to your CRM solution answering questions and reminding team members of the benefit of change.

Sending someone around to be individualized training is ideal, but it’s not always realistic. You may want to teach a small class invite the CRM vendor or integrator to host a Web Conference or hold office hours conference.

The more you can provide individualized help to your end-users, the more likely the adopt the new software CRM into their everyday activities.

Training your team, just like, when in your day-to-day business, you are interacting with your leads and your clients, it definitely works best when it feels like a collaborative process and interaction.

Your goals as the CRM manager are in alignment with your user’s goals, because you are there to help them by providing data of how they behave on their job, that’s it.

You want your team to work efficiently and leverage the power of a CRM software to help them be effective and build a happy productive work environment.