Optimise your business processes, automate operations involving other cloud applications, and quickly manage and analyse your data to make important business decisions.
With the Skyvia Extension for Zoho CRM, you can easily integrate your Zoho CRM data with other cloud applications and relational databases, quickly migrate from other CRMs to Zoho CRM, import CSV files to Zoho CRM and export Zoho CRM data to CSV files, and more. The Skyvia backup allows manual and automatic backup of Zoho CRM data, restoring it in just a few clicks, and lots of other features. Query allows you to perform queries against Zoho CRM data and view the results data right in your web browser.


Key Features:

  • Integrate and sync data between Zoho CRM and other data sources directly or via CSV files. Easily create a copy of Zoho CRM data in a relational database.
  • Publish your ZohoCRM data via no-coding web API endpoints. Create OData endpoints and share data via standard OData protocol, or create SQL endpoints with custom API that allows SQL execution over the web (with ODBC driver and ADO.NET provider available).
  • Get automatic manual backups daily and/or anytime with the search, view, and export of backed-up data.
  • Query your data online via SQL or with a visual query builder using advanced filtering, aggregation, and other features, and view the results data in tables or charts. Perform mass data updates against your Zoho CRM data via DML SQL statements.

With its data integration, backup, and query tools, Skyvia is a universal data platform for your Zoho CRM data. It can help Zoho CRM users to optimize their business processes, automate operations, involving other cloud applications, quickly manage and analyze Zoho CRM business data, quickly recover in case of any data losses, and ensure that their data is safe.