Accelerated Communication

The advent of the Information Age means that both the speed at which we communicate information and the audience we are able to reach has increased exponentially. This presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to improve their organizational alignment and agility by deploying the right technologies.

Social technology, starting with email, dramatically enhanced the ability to communicate information across an organization. This technology can help businesses develop a culture of transparency and accountability that was impossible with the compartmentalized and static methods of yesterday’s spreadsheets and binders.

Employees who understand how their work connects to their organization’s goals will be better engaged and more responsive to changes. The trust and transparency provided by new communication technologies enables a business to scale processes and build alignment in ways that were impossible when plans lived in binders or confidential PowerPoints.

As Venture Capitalist Marc Andressen puts it, ‘Communication is the basis for civilization and will be a catalyst and platform in the future for more innovations in many industries.’

The strategic planning technology of the future will make strategy a more agile process. Leaders will be able to more effectively communicate strategy to employees and increase engagement in its execution.

A future where organizations communicate openly about their goals is already here. And the technology driving this transparency is also driving greater success.