Goal tracking and visibility

The right technology can improve strategic execution by changing the goal-setting in the tracking process from static to dynamic.

Instead of executive setting goals once and checking back in with monthly or quarterly reports, technology can enable continuous tracking on a more immediate basis.

The result is better execution!

Using technology to track your goals over time leads to 3.5x more goals obtained.

Goal tracking technology outperforms spreadsheets because it speeds up feedback loops and motivates accountability. If a quarterly goal is lagging behind pacing, relying on spreadsheets may delay a team’s ability to react and adjust course.

The transparency of a goal-tracking tool, however, allows teams to quickly assess how they are progressing on key tasks and to adjust courses accordingly.

Dynamic goals require dynamic technology.

In today’s fast-moving world, confining goal tracking to spreadsheets severely hinders a team’s ability to move FAST and achieve strategic goals.