Managing Organizational Change

The best new technologies and business processes will only succeed if employees understand, accept, and adopt them. Each modules of our solution drive buy-in, eliminate barriers to change, and lead employees through understanding, acceptance and sustained deployment.

Maximize iWorker Productivity

Resource utilization is a measure of how well your labor force is being used. The calculation for this rate is simple: billable hours divided by the total amount of hours you pay your employees. The higher that ratio, the more fully utilized your labor is, and less time employees aren’t getting reimbursed by clients.
As a manager, you want to see how much overhead is spent in management and if your people are overloaded or underutilized.

Optimize Information

Every project management system shows overdue tasks. If these overdue tasks are on the critical path, they directly affect everyone else associated with the project. There may be an ineffective project manager, poor budgeting or forecasting, or changing requirements. The project manager should be able to articulate the reasons for tasks being overdue and take steps to alleviate the problem immediately

Build Strategic Infrastructure

With so much information, companies need their systems to allow information to be easily searchable and retrievable. Existing silos need to be integrated and mobile workers need to be able to connect securely. The people, process and technology solutions we offer help organizations design, deploy and maintain strategic infrastructures that can be robust enough to provide secure and relevant business.

Enhance Environmental Sustainability

To realize sustainable environmental management, it is essential to pursue environmental stewardship and business operations under a united decision-making scheme. We accompany the organisation that we serve to enhance their environmental sustainability by helping them to understand what energy and resources are wasted during the full cycle of the document, reduce waste and energy consumption, and increase employee awareness of their impact on environmental sustainability.

Streamline Business Process

A key aspect of the solution we provide is streamlining the information-based processes. We improve clients’ existing processes, so that they are faster, more secure and more effective. Whether we deploy new technologies or leverage existing system, we accompany the companies we serve to streamline and simplify business processes, which lead to lower costs, greater speed to market, better collaboration, improved productivity and enhancements in business agility.

Ensure Information Security & Compliance

Most organisations are concerned about the privacy and security of their information (paper or digital information found within and outside their own networks) as well as compliance with government and industry regulations. We offer both business processes and unique technologies to help secure and protect the organisation intellectual property data, clients data and employees data, meet international and local compliance regulations, and ability to pro-actively monitor  and manage information security and compliance across multiple entitites.

Drive Cost-Effectiveness 

We help clients make cost-effective decisions relevant to their business operations and growth to maximize their return on technology, people and information investment by minimizing costs associated with redundant or under-utilized systems, inefficient processes, and technologies that do not meet current business needs.