Tests: Data migration

The purpose of the migration tests is to verify that the data has been successfully migrated to the target system.
Testing should also ensure that the data has been completely migrated and is usable for further processing. Migration tests will be performed during implementation for all migration objects.

To enable efficient work during the deployment phase, the design of migration tools follows an industrial approach: by developing reusable assets, migration is more efficient with increasing data quality.

During the failover, the data will be migrated to the production system. When planning for failover, business transition activities, such as business-related failover preparation activities, should also be identified and planned. All of this will be captured in a master cut over plan during the realization phase that will be tailored to the deployment and specific requirements for each subsequent deployment.

Overall responsibility for data migration rests with the enterprise data management team that will provide the functional input.
Since the data is owned by the business, strong business involvement in cleaning, harmonizing, testing migration, and reconciling data for loading production data is required.
The data harmonization and cleansing strategy is covered in a separate document that the company will create to manage these data processes.

Scope definition: Data migration

Migration specifications by module

We share some of our approaches for managing data migration activities for structured and unstructured data within a transformation program.

It will not cover such things as rules regarding data retention, data archiving, removal of applications or current data interfaces.
These can be addresses in novices to undergo data management. It addresses real-world data management challenges, including organizational governance and standards, as well as the legal aspect of retention and archiving policies.

We cover through this series of publications the best practices on how to manage a migration project at a high level, but these parts should be detailed outside of this document by the responsible team.