Making the call

When you put off decisions, they pile up.

And piles end up ignored, dealt with in haste, or thrown out. As a result, the individual problems in those piles stay unresolved.

Whenever you can swap ‘let’s think about it’ for ‘let’s decide on it.’ Commit to making decisions. Don’t wait for the perfect solution. Decide and move forward.

You want to get into the rhythm of making choices.

When you get in that flow of making decision after decision, you build momentum and boost morale. Decisions are progress. Each one you make is a brick in your foundation. You can’t build on top of the ‘We’ll decide later’, but you can build on top of ‘done’.

The problem comes when you put postpone decisions in the hope that a perfect answer will come to you later. it won’t. You,re as likely to make a call today as you are tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter how much you plan, you’ll still get some stuff wrong anyway. Don’t make things worse by over analyzing and delaying before you even get going.

Long projects zap morale. The longer it takes to develop, and get something out now, while you’ve got the motivation and momentum to do so.