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How many hours do you spend manually copying and pasting data from websites into your spreadsheets or CRM databases?

With your custom web scraping tool, our team help you can save time and get the data you need with ease.

Our web scraper makes extracting data a breeze.
With a user-friendly interface, you can easily select the scrapper you want to use and let our tool do the rest. You can extract data from multiple websites simultaneously and get the results in seconds, saving you valuable time.
Plus, the extracted data is accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

That’s not all, if your url qualify, you will get more.
Our web scraper also allows you to schedule regular data extractions, so you don’t have to waste time doing it manually every time. This means you can spend more time analyzing the data and making better business decisions.
So if you want to save time and make your data extraction process easier.
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√ Real estate broker, builder and dealer
√ Gain efficiency
√ Save time
√ Free yourself from repetitive tasks
√ Find in a simple search who did what, when with which contact in seconds
√ Double (2x) the number of sales cycles in no time


√ Use Zoho CRM real estate customized to way you work with your buyer and seller;
√ Centralize seller, buyer, and client data in one place by properties according to their needs and real estate criteria;
√ Efficiently manage clients’ follow-ups and tasks through standardization of steps, tasks, and follow-ups
√ Adjust your actions with easy-to-understand and searchable properties activity information
√ Thrive!

Offer for you

√ Migration and integration of all your data source
√ Automated lead tracking and workflows
√ Integrated management of promises to purchase, invoices, emails, and more
√ Customized user training
√ A team of certified, trusted, and dedicated experts: 150+ successful integrations

Close more sales

Boost your Real Estate revenue with CRM Real Estate!

How to manage client relationships with a Real Estate CRM?

It is a strategy and a software use to manage the sales of the business.

Real Estate CRM as a strategy

As a strategy, real estate CRM software is a means through which realtors build, manage, and sustain meaningful and successful relationship with both leads and clients.

Real Estate CRM as a software

As a software, real estate CRM is an organized system that centrally stores sellers, business leads, and customers data. The information can contain details about prospective leads, new and existing customers. It can also be in all details about user interactive activities from lead generation channels, their personal information, communication, and purchase history.

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Why OceanData for your Zoho CRM Real Estate

Our certified Zoho experts configure all the Zoho One applications you need and help you take advantage of these tools to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Our experts walk you through all of the software products offered with the Zoho CRM Plus package, so you can optimize these awesome apps to drive growth.

You benefit from our expertise in deploying Zoho CRM Plus in over 150 organizations across multiple industries.

Why a Real Estate CRM? Brokers come together to sell and build the future

Automate your sales and marketing processes per property.

Lead Management

You probably get leads from a countless number of sources.

That can be tough to stay on top of. Zoho CRM will capture leads from any places like real estate listings site, and websites.

Workflow Automation

The easiest way to do this is with automated workflows, which are easy to create with Zoho CRM.
Once you’re set-up, you can sit back, relax, and know that your emails are being sent to the right people without you needing to lift a finger.
Note: The workflow will be triggered based on the criteria you set.

Visit booking on autopilot

To automate your entire process, use Zoho CRM’s Blueprint process automation capabilities to automate your follow-up emails, and field updates, automate lead routing, task and transaction management, stay in touch with the previous clients via email or SMS, and many more.

All of this makes to ensure everyone follows the right sales process.

Contextual Reports

If you need to rectify your bottlenecks in your sales process with the help of built-in process reports, which give you real-time insight into your business.

Make better decisions for your agents and your pipeline with fully configurable reports and dashboards.

Accounting & financial Automation

Is accounting giving you headaches?

A cloud-based system like Zoho Books is a no-brainer accounting software for getting your finances under control.

If you connect with the CRM, you can send invoices and receive payment from the CRM itself.

Gain complete visibility over your financial transaction from a centralized place.