Customize Zoho CRM for Real Estate : Commercial Building Manager, HVAC & Contruction Companies

The digital shift in your business will not happen by chance ...
Be supported by the ease of our experts to carry out each step of the digitization of your processes.

The Zoho Suite is a collection of over 45 web applications that can be customized to your needs to run your online business and get more work done, efficiently with fewer resources.

Since they are available online, you can work safely from anywhere; We have security policies in place to protect your business and employees from cyber attacks.

OceanData is a Zoho Partner to help you navigate this world of possibilities faster to grow your business the way you want.

Bruno and his team have greatly helped us to integrate the Zoho One solution, in particular Zoho CRM, into our daily management. We are continuing the integration of the Zoho One suite with the support of the Ocean Data team. Next step: The Blueprints.

Patrice PinelPatrice Pinel Président at TREMPLIN MARKETING

Thank you for the collaboration, for setting up our CRM system and for the continuous assistance of our learning in the use of this powerful tool. The team appreciates your efforts and will recommend your services. Thank you from all of us at SpotEv!

Colin D. HendryFounder and CSO at SpotEv

Bruno allowed me to set up our sales processes in ZOHO CRM. His professionalism and technical expertise in mastering the platform have saved me significant time. With ZOHO CRM and Bruno's coaching, through Ocean Data, my return on investment is greatly improved. For the integration or migration of your sales and marketing processes, I recommend Bruno and Ocean Data.

Frederic LannoyeBusiness Administrator | Entrepreneur | Time Management, Personal Productivity Expert | Business Process Analyst

Bruno and the Océan Data team are dedicated to their customers, attentive to detail and always up for a challenge! Zoho expert with exceptional customer service, I was so impressed how Bruno quickly grasped our business goals and worked hard to help us accomplish them.

Kim FullerIncurable optimist, serial social entrepreneur, specialist in non-profit organizations.

Bruno and his team have been instrumental in helping and providing the perfect solutions for using ZOHO solutions. We use ZOHO on a daily basis and the Ocean Data modules developed for us are very popular. Bruno's supportive behavior is important in an advisory role, which is extremely helpful if we have any issues or challenges. I highly recommend working with Bruno.


Great products and a customer focused team. Highly recommend

David PréfontaineManager at Morgan Stanley

I highly recommend! It is with this company that everything becomes possible. Thank you and well done again for your excellent work!

Ancha PettigrewPresident at VPM production

High quality and efficient product and service, Very professional team!

Marianne GrenierLabor Lawyer

Great skill! Thank you

Vanessa PicardPresident and administrator at Accident Solution

Thank you Bruno, I appreciated our calls and all that you have done for the integration of the system within our company. Your knowledge and expertise were an asset to us. Thank you

Abdelali S. IdrissiFounder at SKNA SOLUTIONS TELECOM

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor, but I did so when I was working for Bruno. I had the pleasure of working with Bruno at Ocean Data, collaborating within project teams. I've always been impressed with Bruno's ability to commission a piece and engage people with ideas, even people who were initially on completely different pages. Whatever the tension of a meeting, he made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or leader, Bruno deserves my highest recommendation.

Akhil KhanijoAccount Manager at Portable Intelligence Inc.

I have known and worked with Bruno for ten years. He is dedicated to ensuring the success of his clients through excellent service, innovative ideas and a positive attitude.

Steve RobinsMarketing Executive

It constitutes a precious asset.

Wouldn’t it be great if one day, when you decide it’s time, you can sell your business and earn the biggest paycheck of your life? The only way to do this is to create value for your business and this can only happen with a system that can continue to function without you.

Leverage and scalability.

Systems give your business the opportunity to grow. You can replicate the operation of your business in other geographies or by franchising the rights to your business system. A lot of fortunes have been made this way.


Consistency is one of the keys to delivering a great customer experience. You might not like the food at McDonald’s, one thing you can say about the restaurant is that wherever you go they deliver a consistent experience.

It constitutes a precious asset.

When you and your staff don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel, it improves your efficiency and lowers your labor costs.

The ability to fire you

This reflection condemns you to remain a prisoner of your company.

For many businesses, when the founder and managers are the operators or when the partners work in the business directly, make the mistake of not thinking about business systems and processes.

‘Catch-22’ situation

You are too busy working in your business. And you can’t step back because you don’t document how your processes work. So you are stuck in a business that has become your prison. Wow! You are financially successful.

You thrive with a loyal customer base. The challenge is that you are stuck before you can level up. The biggest challenge is that all of your business know-how is in a silo that sits between your two ears.

The only solution is to take the time to create and document your current processes. It’s not that hard when we break each of your process design into smaller pieces. Do you have drawings of the functioning of your economical machine?