Since 2017 we begin every project with the objective of serving companies in their digital transformation to maximise technology adoption.

Zoho One partner offering turn-key implementation

Our team is at the service of the companies with the happiness to realize digital solutions to facilitate automatable work.

Growth. Efficiency.

Our goal is to serve our clients to centralize information, then integrate sales, marketing, project management, resource management, and accounting software to better manage processes for a greater volume of sales using the potential of the Zoho One platform.

We believe that every employee has greater potential within them than they realize. Our goal is to help employees unleash this potential with customized solutions at each step of a process flow.


Transform processes to automate data flow between software and people for systematic data entry.

Automate business data flow for growth.


Power organizations with digital solutions double capacity with the same talent and ressources.

We engage with the purpose to make people more productive by synchronizing sales and operations information.


  • Goodwill Excellence
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Team courage / Vulnerability
  • Determination to achieve
  • Respect spirit
  • Active listening
  • Be present / show up


Further. Faster. with a technology partner.

Simplify repetitive tasks with middleware software solution.

If there is data, the only limit is imagination and ressources.

Ocean Data inc.

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