Zoho Projects – Blueprint

Zoho Projects Blueprint helps you define and design a workflow to automate processes in an organized manner. The main components of a blueprint are statuses and transitions:

  • A status indicates what stage a task is in at a particular point in the workflow.
  • A transition is a link between two statuses and allows a task to move from one status to another.

To illustrate this, let’s look at the workflow of the content review process at Zylker, Inc. Content review is a task assigned to the content team. They use Blueprint to automate the workflow of the review process. You can design a blueprint tailored to your business process.

In this blueprint, the review status is updated as it goes through various transitions. For example, the task status will be updated from Open to In progress via the Submit for review transition.

This help guide will show you how to design a blueprint with statuses and transitions, configure the transitions, and execute a blueprint.

  • Feature Availability: Premium and Enterprise plans
  • Navigate to   > Task Automation Blueprint to create a blueprint. If you are an admin but unable to access the above path