Zoho CRM Custom Training :
Allow you to get the most out of your investment.

Digital learning is more present in companies.

You want to set up a system such as continuous self-service e-learning.

Learn how to leverage ZOHO CRM to grow your business now!

You know that using Zoho CRM is crucial for the success of your business, but you don’t know where to start or what to do. These videos work for beginners and also for those who have been using Zoho CRM for some time.

Step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone to be successful. You will instantly know the different ways to use Zoho CRM to increase your sales in less time and get real results fast!

A business is a community that is focused on the skills and efficiency of each resource.

You have to think about the execution process according to an interconnection between the resources of your team and the technological tools through intelligent, precise, fast, measurable systems and only your imagination is the limit.

This approach requires a systematic and flexible strategy with feedback requests from your team to optimize the use of a digitize process.

e-Learning with technology adoption

Like any approach, virtual training has many advantages.

It can also prove to be totally counterproductive if not adapted.

A balance between e-learning and coaching is ideal, in order to maximize the success of an appropriation of the technology for each user according to his tasks to be accomplished with the technology.

Advantages of the approach

  • Extended accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • Increased autonomy
  • Optimized and personalized follow-up
  • Innovation
  • Affordable training on demand

Challenges :

  • Limited human contact
  • Those resistant to change will always find good reason to be suspicious
Zoho CRM tailor-made training

Develop the skills and knowledge of its employees through Zoho remote training.


Book Custom Zoho Training
Simplify your life by working remotely especially as it is a good way to manage and retain talents, because technology adoption initiatives allow your team to evolve and flourish at work.
Design a training plan;
Skills development plan according to Zoho applications;
Reserve your schedule of training sessions;
Evaluate skills according to scenarios of use of the Zoho One application;

Blueprint Zoho CRM

Automation Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM automation according to your Blueprint
Create an online replica of your offline processes and have it executed in a well structured and systematic way.
Create an online replica of your business process.
Run your processes in a structured and systematic way with Zoho CRM's Blueprint feature. You can capture the details of your entire offline process in Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Approval Workflow

What are your approval processes?

Approval process
Automate the submission of new records from a specific Zoho CRM module for approval. You can do this by specifying criteria based on the records that will be sent for approval.
Create an approval workflow


Facilitate migration to Zoho CRM | Data migration

Migration to Zoho CRM | Data migration
Data migration helps to map the imported files to the modules of your Zoho CRM and the columns of the imported files to the Zoho CRM fields.

Create actions to automate your sales and marketing activities

Zoho CRM allows you to create a specific set of actions that help you automate your sales and marketing activities. Actions are defined for specific modules. Workflow rules, approval processes, and plans created for a module can have actions that are created for the same module. These actions are triggered when the criteria are met in the associated features.

Allow and Restrict Data Sharing and Access to Zoho CRM | Profiles and roles

Use roles to configure your organization's hierarchy in Zoho CRM and define the type of data sharing you want to set up. Use profiles to set permissions for a set of users who are part of the same department or group.

Design custom models | Email templates in Zoho CRM

To avoid copying and pasting manually, create email templates and send personalized emails to multiple recipients.

Associate multiple marketing campaign elements with a record | webform design

Subforms are forms or sub tables, which are part of a main form in Zoho CRM. Establish a one-to-many relationship with your CRM data, in which many secondary items are associated with a single primary record.

Manage two business divisions with one Zoho CRM

Create Zoho CRM module layouts; for a completely separate management of the sales cycle from one layout to another layout of the same module; with new fields and new sections to meet your needs according to the type of processes carried out in your organization according to the business model of each of your divisions.

Manage dependent fields efficiently | Conditional provisions

Make presentations more dynamic using conditional presentations depending on the opportunity and the information needed to fill the presentations and proposals with the information already present in your Zoho CRM. Manage the interdependent fields of your CRM effortlessly.

Customized Zoho One training

An objective is the desired outcome described in terms of the capabilities or competence to be achieved.

It is organized into objectives defined by performance conditions and quality or level criteria.

The training objectives defined in the specifications indicate the observable capacities that the trainees will be able to apply in a real situation, after the training.

They can be broken down into educational objectives, which describe the actions that the trainees will implement during the training.

They specify by action verbs the level to be reached in the field concerned.

Book Custom Zoho Training

Content type:

A training course whose items change rapidly will be easier to manage in synchronous mode, each having information in real time.

Indeed, it will be difficult to deliver information likely to evolve from one day to another in asynchronous mode where each one connects according to his schedule.

Personalities :

People who are comfortable with computer tools are not trained in the same way as those who are not familiar with them. The synchronous mode will thus be preferable when your collaborators are not very comfortable with new technologies or reluctant to manage themselves.

Technical Resources:

What are the IT resources (PC, intranet, software, server, also the level of your staff) that you have in your company.

What is the digital maturity of my processes?

Technology audit / What is the knowledge and expertise that feeds the business?

Business data is one of the most important pieces of information to manage in an organization.

This data is usually in the minds of employees and is shared as needed when training new resources.

This approach has had its day, because loyalty to the employer is no longer eternal.

Staff turnover means that with each departure, part of the knowledge of the company also leaves. There are several solutions to remedy this situation.

Product knowledge is one of the building blocks of an organization.

For example, how much does it cost to train a new estimator who will be able to price a project with enough precision not to jeopardize the profitability of the business?

In many such cases, the Product Configurator is a tool that could be used to manage most of the configuration or manufacturing rules for a product.

Save billable and non-billable hours with the Projects Time Sheet module. Save every minute of your hard work, manually or with timers, and our built-in integration with Zoho Invoice will automatically generate invoices from your timesheets.

How to know the digital maturity of the company?

How to do a technology audit?

Digital maturity self-assessment is difficult to quantify without an assessment model and without competence in a wide variety of areas of expertise.

This assessment will be used in the development of a digital strategy adapted to the reality of the company.

The audit is the foundation for developing a digital strategy.

It sets the starting point and then draws up the roadmap to follow.

Purpose of functional analysis

The objective of the functional analysis is to optimize the current tools, to draw up the acquisition plan for future technologies, and to ensure their cohesion and integration, all this taking into account the business model.

How to measure the integration of technologies in the company?

Technology integration

A company’s digital technologies have often been acquired on the basis of specific needs, without considering their ability to integrate with the technologies already in place.

This consideration is, however, the key to achieving the highest levels of efficiency.

This sharing of digital information between departments or directorates or partner organizations is essential.
Software and application integration breakdown information silos and make it available to those who need it at their fingertips based on a keyword search.

Integration of technologies for automation

The integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) can be horizontal or vertical.

Horizontal integration refers to the integration of software solutions at different stages of manufacturing and planning.

The goal of this integration is to deliver data using the flow approach, in order to reduce the processing cycle from the receipt of the sales order to the delivery of the product or service.

Vertical integration is the integration of different equipment systems at different hierarchical levels (activators and sensors, controls, production management, piloting), in order to deliver a constant end-to-end solution.

Integration brings definitely added value to the processing of commercial, technical, and management of information.

How is the business affected by the proliferation of technologies?

The proliferation of digital technologies in the company will make integration more and more complex, although the trend is to move towards universal communication standards.

The need for integration should be seen as the foundation for achieving organizational effectiveness.

The quality and extent of integration of the various digital technologies used will qualify the company for its growth according to the advancements of Industry 4.0.


What will your results be?

These different technologies (connectivity, Internet of Things, big data, etc.) make it possible to share information from your operations to software that processes the information and presents it in the form of performance indicators.

These indicators provide value-added information to the user as well as to the managers.

This information has direct consequences on operational performance and can even generate feedback on the process, increasing the level of intelligence of the company.

I've been working with OceanData to customize Zoho CRM Plus for 2 years. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bruno and his team. The project was delivered on time and in accordance with specifications. OceanData exceeded my expectations in every respect. I will work with them again in the future as well.

Christian G.General Manager of Graphic Communications

Thank you in collaboration, to set up our CRM system and to the continuous assistance of our learning in the use of this powerful tool. The team appreciates your efforts and will recommend your services. Thank you from all of us at SpotEv!

Colin D. HendryFounder-Founder & CSO at SpotEv Specialized in Innovative technologies for Cultural, tourism, hospitality sectors

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor — but I did when I worked for Bruno.
I had the pleasure of working with Bruno at Ocean Data, collaborating on project teams.
I was always in awe of Bruno’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas — even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how tense a meeting, he made sure everyone left with a smile.
As a team member or a leader, Bruno earns my highest recommendation.

Akhil KhanijoMBA, Business Development Manager at Givex

Bruno is customer focused and will deliver a great solution for your needs.

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