OceanData brings your data to life.

Accelerate the flow of your business processes because you avoid manual data entry.

Collect information according to the steps of your sales process with the Zoho CRM application and push the collected information to your working documents, such as a proposal, specifications, technical report, confidentiality agreement, etc. .

Your data are in a few applications in silos?

How much time can you save every week from entering information in software and, then, on a structured document?


Business process services

With a unique delivery model that’s more flexible than outsourcing your traditional BPO business processes to consultants, we start by helping you assess how information is currently flowing through your business – from start to finish. the end.
Ensuite, nous vous aiderons à reconcevoir le design selon un model numérique, mise en oeuvre des procesessus numériques selon vos logiciels actuels intégrés et gérer un ensemble amélioré de processus d’affaires qui guident vos employés à chaque étape d’un processus de ventes, de gestion de projets de génération de prospects. The solutions are based on our decade of experience and tailored to your unique needs because we start all of our services based on your current situation.


Digital maturity report according to current situation

Measure the performance of your employees who carry out sales, project management or support processes according to:

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety